Energy GIS Workshop 2018

Energy GIS Workshop 2018

Our Vision

To develop a high quality GIS for the Energy Sector of Uganda.

Our Mission

To collect, process and share geo-data for the Energy Sector of Uganda to be used as a management decision support tool.


In the past GIS Data in Uganda was often not compatible and every organization in the energy sector used its own GIS datasets, formats and coordinate systems. To be more effective and consistent an Energy Sector GIS Working Group was formed during the Joint Planners Meeting for the Energy Sector in 2011. 

GIS experts from UETCL, REA, UMEMEUEGCL, UEDCLMEMD and GIZ agreed on common mapping standards and developed a common geo-database for the Energy Sector in Uganda.


  • Promoting the use and development of GIS as a management decision support tool within the energy sector

  • Sharing data and information within the energy sector

  • Formulate standards, protocols and data harmonization models using GIS in line with the sector objectives

  • Publish data and maps for our own organizations and the public

  • Sharing experiences, understanding the level of GIS development within each organization and discuss the way forward

  • Liaison with external GIS users